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February 23, 2017

So we’ve just left behind us a season of evergreen spruce trees along with red and green trim. The baubles are back in their boxes, snug and undisturbed for another 11 months or so. However, the green wave does not look like it’s letting up. Like it or not, we’re in for an entire year of GREENERY.

GREENERY 15-0343 to be exact.

Peridot Green 2017 Hot trends Pantone color of the year

 Yes, that’s the color of 2017, announced by the Pantone Color Institute, USA.

“Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, GREENERY symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose,” were the words of Leatrice Wiseman, Pantone’s executive director.

Personally, I’m thrilled! Here’s why. When it comes to gemstones and jewelry, our equivalent of Pantone’s GREENERY is the exquisite PERIDOT. Polished or faceted, pear, round or emerald cut, this green beauty will likely be making quite a few red carpet appearances over the coming months. It’s time for this unpretentious stone of quite modest repute to come out and truly shine!

If you happen to celebrate your birthday in August, this gemstone is the one for you since it is the birthstone of that month.

        Peridot The Gemstone of 2017Peridot The Gemstone of 2017

Peridot – Some Interesting Facts

    • You will only see PERIDOT gemstones in green. Unlike some other stones which are found in a variety of hues. The shade and intensity of the PERIDOT is determined by the percentage of iron in its crystal structure. More iron gives it a very intense green shade, with a lower percentage giving it a yellowish hue. 

    • It appears that the PERIDOT is an affordable stone, and is usually to be found in small sized cuts. However, super sized stones are not entirely rare. 

    •  Known amongst gemologists as the PERIDOT Olivine, this gemstone symbolizes strength. An interesting myth promotes the belief that crystals of Green PERIDOT found in volcanic ashes were actually the tears of Pele, the volcanic goddess. Furthermore it is believed that a PERIDOT set in Gold will protect the wearer from horrible nightmares. 

    •  Artificial lighting does not affect the appearance and color of PERIDOT gemstones, which means you can wear it with great panache anytime of the day or night. This versatile attribute has earned it the name “Evening Emerald”.

     Peridot The Gemstone of 2017

    Green is the Hottest Black

    Peridot Green 2017 Hot trends Pantone color of the year

    It’s all about GREENERY this year and staying close to nature.

    Unlike in years gone by though, this no longer means eschewing the latest trends in favor of organic, unsophisticated clothes and accessories devoid of style. Quite the reverse. In fact, this season’s spring and summer ramp collections saw many fashion designers climb eagerly on the GREENERY bandwagon, be it with satin dresses, linen pants or tweed jackets.

    Keeping up with the Greenery trend, I too have my eye on the PERIDOT gemstone for many of my new designs. Exciting! It’s such a pretty and versatile stone and I love grouping it with other stones in blue, pink and yellow hues. And it goes so well with both Gold and Silver.

    So here’s to a GO GREEN year, may it bring us simple pleasures, lasting unions and meaningful triumphs. Stay safe!


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