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Learn More About Apatite Gemstone

Apatite Gemstone – What Is It?

The Apatite mineral can be said to have a very close link with animals and humans with bones and teeth made up of Calcium Phosphate, as with Apatite It is an Isomorphous Hexagonal Phosphate, and Hydroxylapatite, Chlorapatite and Fluorapatite make up the primary Apatite group. Reports even state that samples of moon rock brought back by the Apollo astronauts contained Apatite.


Apatite rough

Apatite resembles certain other gemstones, such as Beryl, Aquamarine, Topaz and Peridot. Therefore, it was given its name derived from the Greek word ‘apatein’ which means ‘deceit’. The color range of this stone, though not extensive, is mesmerizing, and includes a stunning neon blue that could easily be mistaken for a Paraiba Tourmaline.


Here’s a Buying Tip for Apatite Jewelry

The asking price for an Apatite gemstone fluctuates depending on the saturation of whatever color the stone displays. So if you are fortunate enough to find a stone with a higher intensity of color, be prepared for the price tag to match.


Apatite Uses

Some varieties of this stone are the most freely available source of Phosphorous in the world, and are utilized in the manufacture of chemical products, acids and fertilizers.


Where Apatite Gemstone Comes From

Apatite deposits are located in Sweden, Russia, Canada, Mexico, East Africa, Burma, Madagascar and Brazil. A particularly beautiful variety of intensely blue Apatite, famous for its chatoyancy is found in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, while the yellow, blue and green variation of it comes from Brazil. A variety known as the “Asparagus Stone” has been found in Spain and has earned this name because of its unique yellowish-green color.



How to care for Apatite Gemstone Jewelry

Accessorize yourself with Apatite earrings and Apatite necklaces and bring joy with its beauty! Making this stone jewelry-worthy is a tough task, given its extremely soft composition. This is where modern techniques and innovative ideas come to the fore. 

As the owner of stunning blue Apatite jewelry, always make sure to ‘handle with care’. Avoid dropping; the stones could very well splinter. And separate boxes for your Apatite embellished ear drops, necklaces and bracelets is a good idea, to avoid scratches resulting from friction with other hard gemstones.

Comparatively affordable and enchantingly lovely, Apatite gemstone jewels are a great buy as a gift or treat for yourself. Browse ASHANTI Apatite Jewelry collections now.


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