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Learn More About Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine – The Birthstone for March

The greenish-blue Aquamarine is a beautiful gemstone of the ‘Beryl’ family that reminds you of the ocean. In fact, ancient Greeks and Romans called it the ‘Sailor’s Stone’ as it was believed to guarantee safe passage for seafarers across the great seas.

Today it is a popular gemstone for jewelry, and in some engagement rings, as it is regarded as a symbol of eternal youth and joy.

 Aquamarine rough crystal

What Should You Look For When Buying Aquamarine?

Color – The Aquamarine’s value depends on the tone of its color, and not so much on the shade or saturation. The deeper toned ones will be priced higher. However, you may come across stones that are light in tone but have a brilliant, almost glacial quality. They too are classed in the superior category and have a premium price tag to match.


Internal and surface flaws may reduce the value of a stone.


Cut – Aquamarine is a durable stone, and can be cut into almost any shape to suit the jewelry it is to be used for. It is usually cut in a way that will enhance its color tone. 

When buying Aquamarine gemstone jewelry, always check for scratches and damages. A high-quality finish is as important. 


How to Care For Aquamarine Jewelry

Blue Aquamarine earrings, Aquamarine pendant necklaces and Aquamarine bracelets are so charming and make great gifts.

To help them last a lifetime, do not expose to direct sunlight as it could diminish the color.

Clean regularly with lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush, and store in a dark place or, better still, a jewelry case when not being worn.

Do not subject Aquamarine to extreme temperatures.


Where Is Aquamarine Found?

Brazil is the main suppliers of this gemstone. Other countries that mine Aquamarine are Ukraine, Madagascar, Zambia, Nigeria, Russia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.


Aquamarine Healing Energy

The lovely sea blue Aquamarine is considered to be a water element radiaing calming energy that is believed to reduce anger and anxiety.

As a symbol of happiness and youthfulness, it is a popular talisman that is also said to enhance one’s intelligence.


Aquamarine Jewelry from ASHANTI Collections

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