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Learn More About Chalcedony Gemstone

What Are The Features of a Good Chalcedony?

Chalcedony is a gemstone that is widely featured in jewelry as well as artifacts, such as jewelry boxes and cameos. It is made up of the minerals Moganite and Quartz that have fused over the years to form a type of silica known as cryptocrystalline. 

Many semi-precious stones that you might come across on a regular basis are in fact varieties of Chalcedony that have earned their individual identity as a result of some distinguishing feature(s). Agate, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Jasper, Onyx and Sardonyx are just some of them. Color variations and pigmentation-causing impurities are nature’s way of differentiating the many members of the Chalcedony group available in the market.


Chalcedony rough gemstones

Photo courtesy of www.chalcedonymine.com

Is Chalcedony Affordable?

It is a reasonably priced stone and therefore very popular among jewelry makers and customers alike. The price of each stone fluctuates according to its carat weight and color. The cut plays a part as well, with distinctive cuts and shapes adding value and fetching higher prices.


From blue to orange, brown, green and black, Chalcedony comes in many colors. Blue, however, is the most sought-after shade. The color is sometimes enhanced by dying the stones. This has been an accepted part of the preparation process from ancient times and does not physically harm the stone. However, it is best to find out if any stones you plan to buy have been dyed.

Luster and Clarity

The surface usually has a dull or waxy lustre. Some rocks are opaque while others are transparent. Internal inclusions are almost always invisible to the naked eye, while the surface is mostly fractured free. Even if there are minor cracks, they are removed during the preparation process.


What is the Best Chalcedony Cut?

As Chalcedony is a very hard and durable stone, it can be cut into almost any shape. Cabochon is the best shape to display the beauty of each stone effectively. But whether it is cut in oval, round or pear shape, the Chalcedony is a true marvel of nature.


What is Chalcedony Used For?

Centuries ago, Chalcedony was used to make simple weapons, utensils and tools. With the passage of time, it came to be regarded more highly and came to be used for more ornamental purposes such as artifacts, jewelry boxes and carved art pieces.
Today it is a familiar feature in jewelry. Browse ASHANTI Jewels Chalcedony earrings in a drop style with either Gold or 925 Sterling Silver. Blue Chalcedony pendant necklaces are always in style and make a stunning statement every time. It is a great buy, for your own jewelry collection or even as a gift. And its durability means it will last a lifetime, with just soap and warm water with a soft brush to maintain it in pristine condition.
The Deeper Meaning of Chalceondy

Historical records state that Chalcedony was considered a sacred stone by native American Indians, who included it in their tribe’s spiritual ceremonies. It was credited with the ability to enhance a person’s endurance, stamina and vitality, and even heal certain ailments of the body.

Chalcedony – impressive, beautiful and versatile. A gemstone to treasure for a lifetime!


Chemical Composition

The chemical composition is Silicon dioxide and the chemical formula is SiO2.


Varies between 6.5 to 7 Mohs.

Refractive Index

1.543  – 1.554

Specific Gravity

2.65 to 2.67


Waxy to dull.

Solid State

Opaque to translucent. Few varieties can be transparent too.

Crystal System

Tetrahedral crystal system.



Heat Sensitive





Worldwide occurrence. Main producers are the United States and Brazil.


Typically Dyed however untreated Chalcedony are available


Only general gemstone precautions required.


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