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Learn More About Citrine Gemstone

What Should You Know About Citrine Gemstone Jewelry?

The stunning Golden Yellow Citrine is quite a rare but very affordable gemstone that got its name from the French word for Lemon which is ‘Citron’.

Included in the Quartz family of semi-precious stones, Citrine imparts similar metaphysical benefits as the more expensive Topaz precious gemstone, and is often used as a less expensive substitute.


Majority of citrine gemstones are produced by heating smoky quartz and amethyst. Natural Citrines tend to be pale yellow. 

Citrines colors range from light lemon yellow to “Madeira,” a rich, orange color with red flashes. This accepted description refers strictly to color, not where it is found.

The color of Citrine is due to the presence of ferric iron. These colors have been traditionally associated with topaz. 


Quartz and topaz are distinct gem species.


Citrine is November’s birthstone, and the 13th wedding anniversary gemstone as well.


Citrine earrings with the matching necklace or Citrine pendant necklace would be a lovely gift to celebrate any of these occasions, and the Ashanti Jewels collections offer several elegant designs made with 925 Sterling Silver or 14 Karat Gold filled material.

citrine geode

What Are the Features of a Good Citrine?

Color and Clarity – Citrines are usually pale yellow in color and have a glassy luster with almost no inclusions.

Most inclusions on the surface are removed during the preparation process, leaving the stones clear and transparent.

Cut – Citrine is a hard gemstone at 7 on the Mohs scale and therefore can be cut into almost any shape. Emerald, square, round, oval and pear are some of these shapes. You will find plenty of charming designs featuring drop and pear-shaped Citrines in our collections.

Beware of Imitation Citrine – Although affordable, synthetic lab-created Citrine imitations are abundant and are sold to unsuspecting buyers.

Some of these synthetic Citrines are so well produced that even a trained naked eye can be deceived. Only with a microscope, one might be able to distinguish between the natural and synthetic Citrines.

Therefore, I would advice always buy from a reputable company that stands behind their jewelry.


At ASHANTI Jewels, you are assured of genuine gemstones as Ashanti, a Graduate Gemologist trained at the renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA), does the sourcing of gemstones for her collection. 


Citrine – the ‘Merchant Stone’

The belief that Citrine promotes wealth and affluence has earned it this name and is a reason why many business owners keep one close to areas of transaction such as the cash register.

Citrine is believed to elevate your state of mental and physical health, as this gem is said to banish negativity and encourage self-confidence while cleansing the body of toxins and rejuvenating your entire being.

Believed to benefit those in creative activities and entertainment industry from the powers attributed to this remarkable gemstone.

How to Care for Your Citrine Jewelry

As mentioned earlier, Citrine is a durable gemstone. It is best, however, to take great care of your Citrine jewelry so that it will last a lifetime.

Keep the harsh detergents away and just stick to warm soapy water with a soft brush to maintain the beauty of each handcrafted piece.


Citrine in Art & Craft

Known as the ‘Happy Stone’, Citrine is a popular element in many creations of art and craft. Its sturdiness means less wear and tear even with frequent use, so it is used to make beads, cabochons and carvings that are incorporated in beautiful objects such as lampshades and chandeliers as well as modern art deco jewelry.
Citrine is magnificent and versatile, and you’re probably keen to browse our collections and select from the dainty jewelry featuring Citrine its genuine form. So go ahead, enhance your style and enjoy maximum value for money.

Chemical Composition Silicon dioxide and the chemical formula is SiO2
Color  Various shades of yellow and orange
Refractive Index 1.544 - 1.553
Specific Gravity 2.6 – 2.7
Luster Vitreous
Transparency Transparent to translucent
Crystal System Trigonal crystal system
Cleavage Indiscernible
Fractures Conchoidal
Source Brazil, USA, Russia, Uruguay, Scotland, Bolivia, France, Spain and Madagascar.
Enhancements Often enhanced to improve the colour. Heat treated
General gemstone precautions. Has to be protected from sunlight.
Golden Citrine gemstone is believed to carry the power of the sun, making its energy warm and life-giving. 
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