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Learn More About Garnet

Get to Know Your Garnet

The stunning Garnet gemstone is the birthstone for those born in January. We are all familiar with the blood red stone that is the main feature of Garnet earrings, Garnet pendants and necklaces. But did you know that Garnet is also found in Green, Yellow, Rose and Orange? Very rarely as a color changing Garnet.

The Garnet has earned its name from the Latin word “Granatum” which means Pomegranate, due to its resemblance to the seeds of that exotic fruit. Found in such diverse locations as Sri Lanka, Turkey, Tanzania, Kenya, Russia, the USA and Madagascar, this stone was much admired even centuries ago. In fact, a very interesting historical record reveals that a large Garnet provided the one and only light on Noah’s Ark.

Even today, Garnet is not used only in the creation of jewelry. It is an integral part of certain industries, such as the manufacture of scientific instruments and watch parts, abrasives and sandpaper.


pomegranate Garnet rough gemstones

Garnet Features

Color – A very important element to consider when selecting a Garnet gemstone. It is found most often in a lovely deep red, and this variety is very affordable. However, Garnets come in other colors such as pink, green, yellow, purple and black as well, with prices varying accordingly. However, the rarest and therefore the most expensive variety of Garnet comes in a beautiful, high brilliance and dispersion green, known as the Demantoid Garnet. So if you are lucky enough to come across one, be prepared for a price tag to match.


Demantoid garnet 
              Demantoid Garnet
Certain Garnets have the unique ability to change its color, and these are priced based on intensity and the combination of shades.          
Color change garnet
  Color Change Garnet (Image courtesy of www.jtv.com)

Clarity – The reds are almost always clean and clear to the naked eye. The more valuable orange Garnets often contain inclusions which give the stones a unique quality.


Do Garnets Have Powers?

Garnet is a gemstone with sensual overtones that is believed to inspire intensely strong feelings in a person. Yet it has a soft side to it as well, as it can bring about love and purification out of a chaotic and crazy world.

On a physical level, people have worn or kept Garnet close to get rid of body toxins and negative energy. The end result is a feeling of renewed vitality and joy that has done much to make this stone popular and sought after.


Garnet Gemstone Jewelry  

A pair of Garnet earrings, a Garnet pendant or necklace from Ashanti Jewels would be the perfect birthday gift for that special person born in January. Made with 925 Sterling Silver or 14 Karat Gold filled metal, they are handcrafted and styled to last a lifetime.  

And reading through the points listed earlier on, you’ve got plenty of reason to invest in some lovely red Garnet jewelry yourself that will not only enhance your style, but also make you feel great! So go ahead and indulge yourself…

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