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What is Mother of Pearl?

What is Mother of Pearl?

We have seen and admired Mother of Pearl jewelry, and most probably added some items to our jewelry collection over the years. But nature’s way of forming this beautiful gemstone is an interesting story that many of you may be unaware of.


Mother of Pearl is the commonly used name for a mix of minerals secreted by mollusks and oysters that form a shimmery, rainbow-like nacre coating. This layer protects the oysters and mollusks from parasites and other foreign bodies. Although Pearls are also composed of nacre, the process by which it is formed is different and therefore sets it apart from Mother of Pearl.


The largest source of Mother of Pearl is the Persian Gulf, with North America, some Pacific islands, Australia, China, Japan and Venezuela also contributing significantly.


Mother of Pearl Value and Pricing

Mother of Pearls are more readily available than natural Pearls. The reason being that all mollusks and oysters that produce nacre will have a Mother of Pearl coating that can be harvested for jewelry. But of these, very few will ultimately produce a Pearl. This is why Pearls are priced significantly higher than Mother of Pearl.


Furthermore, artificially produced Mother of Pearl and Pearls are of less value than the natural ones. So always make sure to verify the origin of any Mother of Pearl you intend buying.


Benefits of Mother of Pearl

This gemstone is believed to have a soothing effect on the wearer and thereby reduce stress and aggressive energy. This, in turn, is expected to encourage a more effective expression of ideas.


Furthermore, it has been used as a talisman to attract success and wealth, and this is why many feng shui objects have Mother of Pearl included in them.


Mother of Pearl Jewelry

Mother of Pearl is one of my favorite gems to work with and I love its rainbow-colored radiance. I have included many charming designs in the Ashanti Jewels collection – Mother of Pearl dangle earrings and pendants teamed with genuine 925 Sterling Silver or 14 Karat Gold filled material.


The delicate appearance makes it ideal as a gift option for even very young ladies, with the added benefit of beautiful packaging, all ready to be presented. They are also lovely as wedding jewelry for the bride as well as her retinue.


Caring for your Mother of Pearl jewelry is also very important since each item is handcrafted to bring you joy for a lifetime. Just warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush is all you need along with gentle handling.


So feel free to browse our collections and make your selection today.

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