Loving Kindness

"Paying It Foreward with Loving Kindness."


Donating Eye Glasses

Although we are a very small business, we try our best to help in small ways that matter a lot. 

Ashanti has been providing underprivileged people, the gift of sight for the past 15 years. It gives her so much joy to hear the words "I can see now" from an elderly and underprivileged person who couldn't afford to buy a pair of simple reading glasses. Allowing them to read again and have a more meaningful life in their old age.


"Giving the gift of sight and the opportunity to live a better life through better sight."

 Giving free eyeglasses



ASHANTI Jewels eyeglass donations


How You Can Help and Give the Gift of Sight?

Simply send us your used eyeglasses or a pair of reading eyeglasses to us. We will make sure it is donated to a deserving person. 


Email Us: customercare@ashantijewels.com and We will send you Free Postage.



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