Amber Earrings | Sterling Silver Yellow Earrings

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 Amber Sterling Silver Yellow Earrings

  • Gemstones: Genuine Amber
  • Total gem weight: 6.50 carats
  • Size of gems: 10 mm
  • Length of earrings: 1.25 in (32 mm)
  • Width of earrings: 0.40 (10 mm)
  • Metal: 925 sterling silver
  • Handmade in Canada


Yellow Amber Bead Earrings

Amber Earrings. This pair of drop earrings feature two round Amber beads with silver and oxidized Bali silver beads.

Amber, a capsule of history

Centuries ago, people of ancient civilizations believed the Amber gemstone to contain potent mystical powers and wore them as a protection from evil and danger.

Amber as a source of geological and zoological evidence? Incredible, but true.
The fossilization of the pine sap takes place over hundreds of years, trapping specimens of nature, flowers, insects or bird feathers in its resinous layers.

Dissecting and analyzing these samples of Amber provide ample evidence to assist Paleontologists piece together the progression of life on earth.


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