Carnelian, Black Spinel Long Pendant | Dangle Orange Black Gemstone Chandelier Necklace

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This beautiful necklace features a long dangle pendant made up of a Black Spinel briolette gemstone measuring about 6 carats and accentuated by three Carnelian gemstone beads.


  • Genuine Spinel and Carnelian gemstones
  • 925 Sterling silver
  • Length: 18 inches
  • Clasp: spring-ring
  • Orange and black multicolour pendant necklace

    Spinel gemstone: 
    The Spinel gemstone is believed to attract prosperity, money and wealth and instil calm in the face of challenges. Two of the major sources of Spinel are Sri Lanka and Myanmar (Burma), while smaller quantities are mined from Kenya, Cambodia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Vietnam and Thailand. 

    Carnelian gemstone:
    The Carnelian is known as the ‘Singer’s Stone’ as it is believed to enhance performers’ confidence when on stage. Significant deposits of Carnelian are found in India, Uruguay, Madagascar and Brazil. Learn More About Carnelian Gemstone

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