Oval Abalone Earrings 30x25 MM | Mother of Pearl Jewelry | Abalone Jewelry

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Oval Abalone Earrings 30x25 MM | Mother of Pearl Jewelry | Abalone Jewelry


  • Earring length: 1.50 inches
  • Earring width: 25 mm (1 in)
  • Metal: 925 sterling silver
  • Pearls: Abalone Mother of Pearl
  • Pearl size: 30x25 mm
  • Handmade in Canada


Mother of Pearl Shell Dangle Earrings

Two oval Abalone Mother of Pearl gemstones are handmade with silver. Its colors are dancing like northern lights as blue, green, purple and black twist and turn in a variety of patterns. This means that no two stones are alike, each one displaying a different dimension of nature's playfulness.

Mother of Pearl earrings is handcrafted with 925 Sterling Silver hooks. Truly unforgettable.


What is Mother of Pearl?

"The lustrous lining of a shell where a Pearl can grow is known as Mother of Pearl. It is believed to attract prosperity and said to shield a person from negative forces."

Mother of Pearl shells is sourced mainly from Pearl Oysters found in tropical seas, Freshwater Pearl Mussels that abound in rivers in the US, Asia, and Europe and the Abalone native to Japan, California and other Pacific regions.  

What is Mother of Pearl?

While we enjoy reading about metaphysical properties of gemstones, we cannot legally guarantee that wearing a particular stone will cure, help or solve anything. These are based on known folklore for entertainment only.


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