Green Gemstone Large Earrings | Green Jasper Gemstones

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It is believed that the Jasper gemstone has the power to ward off negative energy whilst boosting your physical strength. This pair of drop style earrings features two round green Jasper gemstones weighing around 30 carats in total.

These lovely stones are patterned with their own unique color scheme ranging from deep to the palest of green. This means that no two earrings will have the same pattern.  

Jasper is the birthstone for March

The Jasper gemstone is believed to bring about tranquillity and relieve stress when carried or worn, providing security, comfort, healing and strength. It also reminds us that we are here on this earth to primarily bring joy and essence to others. Although found almost worldwide, significant deposits are in Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Indonesia, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, Uruguay, Brazil and the US. Learn More About Jasper Gemstones.

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