Green Gemstone Pendant | Green Jasper Gold Necklace

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Not just one shade of green, but a multitude of hues - the natural coloring of this large round Jasper gemstone is truly remarkable. Interspersed with abstract markings in beige, the surface has a polished finish.

The Jasper's metaphysical attributes are as impressive as its appearance since it is known to promote emotional healing by bringing about inner peace, love and compassion. A very special gemstone indeed!

An 18 inch 14 karat Gold filled cable chain completes this dramatic necklace.


Jasper is the birthstone for March

The Jasper gemstone is believed to bring about tranquillity and relieve stress when carried or worn, providing security, comfort, healing and strength. It also reminds us that we are here on this earth to primarily bring joy and essence to others. Although found almost worldwide, significant deposits are in Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Indonesia, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, Uruguay, Brazil and the US. Learn More About Jasper Gemstones.

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