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Lapis Earrings, Square Lapis Navy Blue Earrings, Lapis Jewelry

Two Lapis Lazuli gemstones, square cut, dark blue and weighing around 30 carats in total are handcrafted with 925 Sterling Silver. 


Lapis Lazuli is an alternative birthstone for September

"From ancient times, the Lapis Lazuli gemstone was used as a symbol of joy, peace, and love, and was considered a powerful aphrodisiac. It is also believed to be a quick stress reliever that promotes spiritual enlightenment."

Lapis Lazuli is mined in Russia, Canada, the USA, Mongolia, Italy, and Chile, but the main sources are Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

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While we enjoy reading about metaphysical properties of gemstones, we cannot legally guarantee that wearing a particular stone will cure, help or solve anything. These are based on known folklore for entertainment only.

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