Large Blue Jasper Gemstone Necklace

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An exceptionally beautiful blue Ocean Jasper gemstone weighing approximately 130 carats is the focus of attention in this necklace.

18 inch 925 Sterling Silver cable chain is adjustable.  Looking at this impressive gemstone makes you picture the expanse of blue ocean that surrounds us - its undulating tides, the vivid shades of blue that merge together, and the little islands scattered here and there.

Significantly, each Ocean Jasper's pattern is unique so that no 2 are alike. Like the ocean itself, the Ocean Jasper gemstone is believed to have a soothing effect and brings about peace of mind. Altogether an inspiring piece of jewelry.

    Jasper is the birthstone for March

    The Jasper gemstone is believed to bring about tranquillity and relieve stress when carried or worn, providing security, comfort, healing and strength. It also reminds us that we are here on this earth to primarily bring joy and essence to others. Although found almost worldwide, significant deposits are in Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Indonesia, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, Uruguay, Brazil and the US. Learn More About Jasper Gemstones.

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