Pear Shaped Lilac Amethyst Gemstone Sterling Silver Handmade Dainty Dangle Drop Earrings

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Lightweight Amethyst Earrings

These lightweight gemstone earrings have been handcrafted with two faceted Amethyst gemstones and sterling silver. 

Lightweight, you're likely to forget you've got them on, they are the ultimate in stylish and comfortable accessorizing. 

Amethyst, the birthstone for February

"Known as the "Gemstone of Fire," the Amethyst gemstone embodies strong energies of passion, fire, spirituality, and creativity."

Mined in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Uruguay, Canada, Siberia, India Argentina, the U. S, and Bolivia, while Zambia is the biggest supplier at present.

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While we enjoy reading about metaphysical properties of gemstones, we cannot legally guarantee that wearing a particular stone will cure, help or solve anything. These are based on known folklore for entertainment only.

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