Pink Agate 80 Carat Large Round Gemstone Sterling Silver Handcrafted Pendant on a Stainless Steel Wire Necklace

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Shades of pink swirl in unique patterns, their shades ranging from the palest of hues to deep magenta. Accessorizing your outfits with this Pink Onyx gemstone necklace will be an interesting exercise given the wide range of shades on the pendant.

  • Genuine Agate gemstone
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Length: 18 inches
  • Pink jewelry: necklace

Agate is the alternative birthstone for May
Agate is believed to encourage inner stability and self-confidence and is popular among professionals in a wide range of fields - from dancers to chefs, as it is said to provide physical strength and spiritual endurance. Learn more about Agate Gemstones

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