Platinum Pearl and Labradorite Gemstone Sterling Silver Handcrafted Earrings

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A truly magical creation. The Labrodorite is associated with magic, mystery and unleashing one's imagination. Handcrafted with freshwater cultured Pearls and 925 Sterling SIlver, the Labradorite gemstones lend its allure to this pair of drop earrings. 


Pearl is the birthstone for June

The Pearl is a symbol of purity and is believed to attract good luck and wealth, whilst providing protection.

Freshwater Pearls are usually sourced from mollusks (mussels) that are found in rivers, ponds and lakes.

Although these Freshwater Pearls are found in most countries, it has been European, Russian and North American rivers that have famously produced Pearls from ancient times.


Labradorite, the 'Power Stone', uplift your mood & reduce stress!

The Labradorite has earned the tag ‘Power Stone’ due to the belief it can help you interpret the true meaning of your dreams, and bring you spiritual awakening.

Labradorite is mined in Labrador, Canada, Newfoundland, the USA, Norway, South America and Mexico.

Finland and Madagascar are known to yield the highest quality Labradorite.

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