Rare Hemimorphite Briolette and Smokey Quartz Natural Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Handmade Pendant Necklace

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This pretty dangle blue and brown gemstone necklace feature pendant made up of a rare Hemimorphite briolette gemstone measuring about 10 carats and accentuated by a Smokey Quartz marquise shaped gemstone bead.

This pretty pendant hangs on an 18 inch 925 Sterling Silver cable chain fitted with a convenient spring-ring clasp.

Hemimorphite is an alternative birthstone for October

    The Hemimorphite gemstone or the “Empathy Stone” is said to have the ability to promote inner strength and compassion. It is popular among healers who use it to relieve hormone-related ailments.

    Hemimorphite is found in France, Sardinia and Belgium are where Hemimorphite is found.

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    Smoky Quartz is an alternative birthstone for November

    "Given the title ‘Stone of Power’ the Smoky Quartz is believed to keep your home, possessions and vehicles safe from thefts."

    It is also believed to eliminate negative thoughts, worries, and doubts, replacing them with pleasant and positive energy.

    Countries that are famous for Smokey Quartz mining are the USA (New Hampshire and Colorado), Scotland, Switzerland, Australia, Mozambique, Madagascar, and Brazil. 

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    While we enjoy reading about metaphysical properties of gemstones, we cannot legally guarantee that wearing a particular stone will cure, help or solve anything. These are based on known folklore for entertainment only.

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