Ruby Quartz and Citrine Briolette Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

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This pair of earrings features two ruby color quartz beads, measuring about 26 carats, and accentuated by two beautifully faceted citrine briolette gemstones at about 3.50 carats. These handcrafted earrings were designed by Sri Lankan artist Ashanti.

Citrine is the birthstone for November

The belief that Citrine promotes wealth and affluence has earned the name "Merchant's Stone". 

Found mostly in Brazil, France, Russia and Madagascar, the Golden Citrine gemstone is believed to carry the power of the sun, making its energy warm and life-giving. 

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While we enjoy reading about metaphysical properties of gemstones, we cannot legally guarantee that wearing a particular stone will cure, help or solve anything. These are based on known folklore for entertainment only.

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