Smokey Quartz, Tiger Eye and Black Spinel Briolette Natural Gemstone Sterling Silver Handmade 18 Inch Necklace

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This long necklace features a faceted smokey quartz briolette gemstone, measuring about 20 carats, and accentuated by a tiger's eye and a black spinel gemstone. 

  • Tiger’s Eye is the birthstone for November.

The exotic Tiger’s Eye gemstone is found mostly in Western Australia and South Africa, and is believed to possess the ability to bring you good luck and success, thereby ensuring a constant stream of money into your home. If that weren’t enough, it is also credited with the ability to enhance one’s creative and artistic talents.

  • Smokey Quartz is the birthstone for November.

Given the title ‘Stone of Power’ the Smokey Quartz is believed to keep your home, possessions and vehicles safe from thefts. It is also said to eliminate negative thoughts, worries and doubts, replacing them with pleasant and positive energy. Countries that are famous for Smokey Quartz mining are the USA (New Hampshire and Colorado), Scotland, Switzerland, Australia, Mozambique, Madagascar and Brazil.

  • Black Spinel is the birthstone for August.

The Spinel gemstone is believed to attract prosperity, money and wealth. At the same time people have credited it with the ability to instill a sense of calm in the face of challenges. Two of the major sources of Spinel are Sri Lanka and Myanmar (Burma), while smaller quantities are mined from Kenya, Cambodia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Vietnam and Thailand.

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