Turquoise Gemstone Sterling 14K GF and Silver Two-Tone Handmade Earrings

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A unique creation in blue and silver with a touch of gold, this pair of drop earrings has two barrel-shaped Turquoise gemstones weighing around 17 carats. The black flecks which you see spread over their surface are part of their natural color scheme. An interesting fact about the Turquoise stone is that it is believed to encourage a sense of serenity and peace within the wearer. 

Truly amazing! In addition to the beauty of the gemstones, large sterling silver Bali beads and 14 karat yellow gold-filled ball beads have been included in the design. A dainty, yet exciting piece of jewelry.

  • Turquoise is the birthstone for December
    Sacred to Native American traditions, it is believed to bring sky energy to earth. A gemstone of honesty and great wisdom, Turquoise is also believed to help relieve stress from your life. Turquoise is mostly mined from Arizona in the United States and Mexico.

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