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How to Buy Amethysts, What to Look For in Amethyst Jewelry

Posted by ASHANTI S. on

How to Buy Good Amethysts?

Used in ancient times by Royalty, fine quality Amethysts are affordable and abundant.  

But how do you know that you are buying the right amethyst for your Amethyst pendant, necklace or Amethyst earrings? There are so many types of Amethysts, so many shades and shapes of the stone that may intimidate any buyer. To choose the right one, here is a little background to help you.

Amethyst Geode

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Amazonite – What Should You Look For?

Posted by ASHANTI S. on

How to care for your Amazonite Jewelry

We are looking at a soft gemstone here, and one that deserves gentle care. So keep your Amazonite jewelry in top form by shielding them from other hard objects that may scratch or damage them. And hold off the harsh cleaning agents, warm soapy water is all you need to maintain that polished brilliance.

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How to Buy Amber Jewelry?

Posted by ASHANTI S. on

Amber, Nature's Time Capsule

amber jewelry

Centuries ago, people of ancient civilizations believed the Amber gemstone to contain potent mystical powers and wore them as a protection from evil and danger.
It was even used in ceremonies of worship.
In Germany it was burned as a form of incense, earning it the name “Burnt Stone”.
When Amber is rubbed between your palms or with a soft fabric, it develops an electrical charge and attracts small size particles. For this reason, ancient Greeks called it Elektron, which means ‘shining light’.
It was also very much a part of the Egyptians’ process of mummification, and medicine made from Amber was used in Rome to heal ailments of the neck and head.

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What is Agate? Learn About Agate Gemstone

Posted by ASHANTI S. on

Agate, the Stone of Gemini

Believed to be extremely beneficial to those born under the Gemini zodiac sign, Agate was believed to be a stone of emotional healing.

According to legends, it helped improve concentration and recollection. A possible result of these benefits is said to be restful sleep and pleasant dreams. 

Agate geode slice

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Peridot – The Gemstone of 2017

Posted by Chandima De Mel on

So we’ve just left behind us a season of evergreen spruce trees along with red and green trim. The baubles are back in their boxes, snug and undisturbed for another 11 months or so. However, the green wave does not look like it’s letting up. Like it or not, we’re in for an entire year of GREENERY. GREENERY 15-0343 to be exact.  Yes, that’s the color of 2017, announced by the Pantone Color Institute, USA. “Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, GREENERY symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose,” were the words...

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