Rare Hemimorphite Briolette and Garnet Natural Gemstone 925 Sterling Handmade Earrings

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This pair of dangle earrings features two rare Hemimorphite briolette gemstones measuring about 20 carats, and accentuated by six Garnet gemstones. 

The 925 Sterling Silver hooks are easy to slip on and very comfortable to wear even for long periods.

  • Hemimorphite is the birthstone for October.

The Hemomorphite gemstone or the “Empathy Stone” is said to have the ability to promote inner strength and compassion. It is popular among healers who use it to relieve hormone related ailments. France, Sardinia and Belgium is where Hemimorphite is found.

  • Garnet is the birthstone of January

The Garnet is found all over the world in a range of colors, but most commonly in red. From the days of yore, it has been a treasured talisman, not least for the belief that the Garnet releases intensely strong feelings, be it passion or serenity, according to the individual’s desire. Business relationships, success and love are all believed to thrive when impacted by the Garnet’s positive energy.

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